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    You already get almost every movie and TV show and 600 free live TV channels. But with this new Players Klub IPTV Guide service you get another 1,000 live channels in HD for only $5 per month. Pause live TV and more! It also includes all of the popular game passes for NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, Sunday Ticket, etc. It also includes the popular Pay Per View sporting events as well. Plus a nice, on screen, classic TV guide layout!  This super important to make it VERY user friendly.  You can even change channels the old fashion way just hitting the up/down arrows. 

    Watch on any device here:

    In a nutshell, It provides all of the channels and more that you would normally get from your cable or dish provider for a fraction of the price. $5 IPTV. 

    Helpful support staff for you 24/7!  

    You get all major games in every sport from tennis to boxing, all in HD. So, no matter what your sport is, you're covered. 

    Knowing that our customers are located all over the world, channels for everyone are included. 

    SETUP:  Service for existing and future CorkyTV device owners, sign up here for $5 a month (Cancel anytime):

    INSTRUCTIONS (Save this part or print): First, setup a username and password at  Then open Players Klub on the front page of any CorkyTV device. On an older CorkyTV device, install PlayersKlub.apk from the update app on your device. No need to use Kodi. Enjoy!