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I put a lot of time into the custom build, custom menus and other tv apps installed outside of Kodi, making it the best for ease of use, speed and ability to find anything to watch. I am a developer.

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Corky Stanton 

It's your lucky day. You found me and the best TV devices! I'm your personal TV guy for you and your friends. I'll take care of you from now on. Okay?

Five years ago I set up a box for my 85 year old mother to make it super user friendly. I spent weeks to make it perfect. A lot of her friends then wanted one. So I made them for other people and that's how I got into business. Myself and my employees will support you from now on. 

Stay updated for life. My own app is on the box that directly connects to my server to keep you updated. If new apps come out you will get them! Other box sellers let you get outdated and you can’t find them a year or two from now.  

Simple instructions come with the box. 

These are a big hit as Christmas gifts!!!

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On Dec 15, 2017, at 8:28 PM, Mike J. <> wrote:

Hey Corky.

Are you freaking kidding me!!!!

Wow. You absolutely unequivocally knocked it out of the park with this Product!

First off you got this Box in the mail immediately and thanks to your due diligence I received the Box today (4 days in the middle of the busiest time of the year) Absolutely incredible. Thank you!!

Secondly I just got the Box up and running a few hours ago, so I’m still learning the ins and outs and the best way to use it.

That being said this Box is everything you wrote in our previous correspondence and more!! The programming options are insane. I can’t wait to get at it tomorrow and learn how to navigate the entire system.

I can’t wait to order another Box from you for another TV.  If there is anyway I can recommend your Services to anyone I know, I will in a N.Y. Minute.

Again Corky, Thank you so much. I absolutely love this Box.

A very Happy Holiday to you and yours.

Michael J