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Instant Access to ANYTHING!


We pay the developers for you to have no ads or commercials. No Buffering. No cable or satellite bills ever again. Try it for 30 days. We pay shipping. No risk!

These are highly customized devices.  Not Kodi. We have the best Android TV box and Amazon Fire TV devices.  Our service offers auto updates, set for life. Seven years in  business.  There's nothing else like it. The best you can get. Period.  

Not just hardware. You are getting our services that we will continue to pay for for life. Ad-free with access to our private servers for life. Access to the best TV services at wholesale rates for life. Plus access to our CorkyTV Updates server for life. Plus lifetime updates and tech support for life.

Don’t order from someone who just does it out of their house.  It will expire in 3 to 6 months and they’ll have to do it again and they will keep charging you. Plus you’ll have ads.  We have our own servers it updates them through the Internet. We take care of people that bought from us seven years ago.  

Unlimited TV Shows and Movies.   ABC, CBS, NBC, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, PPV Sports, live news.  Dirt cheap and some are free.  Easy to use!


Lifetime Updates & Tech Support!

We can connect remotely so we can show you things if you have questions or fix anything.

We are very proud of our 100%  positive feedback. See our Facebook link below.  Myself and my support staff are here to help with anything through phone, text or email. 

We put a lot of time into the custom menu installed making it the best for ease of use, speed and ability to find anything to watch. 

Today’s discounts! Great for gifts: 

5% off all orders (code: 5off)

10% off all orders over $350 (code: 10off)

15% off all orders over $800 (code: 15off).

Call anytime! 559-642-7381 Text/Voice/FaceTime 

Free 2 Day USPS Priority Shipping. We pay the Sales Tax. 

Lifetime free updates And tech support! One year warranty for defective hardware. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We pay shipping.  Risk free.  


It's your lucky day. You found me and the best TV devices! I'm your personal TV guy for you and your friends. I'll take care of you from now on. Okay?

Five years ago I set up a box for my 87 year old mother to make it super user friendly. I spent weeks to make it perfect. A lot of her friends then wanted one. So I made them for other people and that's how I got into business. Myself and my employees will support you from now on. 

Simple instructions come with the box. 

These are a big hit as Christmas gifts!!!

If you’re not sure which one to get and you just want it easy and  have the most powerful TV box in the world, I recommend the Android Extreme TV Box. It’s easy and best for speed and being way ahead for years. More RAM allows the movies to pre-load more while streaming so if the internet goes fast then slow at times the movie will play buffer-free. The powerful new Amazon Cube is even easier for non-tech people.  

Yes, it AirPlay’s with iPhones. It plays live local channels with news. All of our devices have the same programming.

Note: We usually ship within 1 business day.  There may be up to a 3 day handling time for special orders, back orders or if software changes occur to allow reprogramming. 


Hey Corky.

Are you freaking kidding me!!!!

Wow. You absolutely unequivocally knocked it out of the park with this Product!

First off you got this Box in the mail immediately and thanks to your due diligence I received the Box today (4 days in the middle of the busiest time of the year) Absolutely incredible. Thank you!!

Secondly I just got the Box up and running a few hours ago, so I’m still learning the ins and outs and the best way to use it.

That being said this Box is everything you wrote in our previous correspondence and more!! The programming options are insane. I can’t wait to get at it tomorrow and learn how to navigate the entire system.

I can’t wait to order another Box from you for another TV.  If there is anyway I can recommend your Services to anyone I know, I will in a N.Y. Minute.

Again Corky, Thank you so much. I absolutely love this Box.

A very Happy Holiday to you and yours.

Michael J

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