Real Debrid for CorkyTV

Pre-installed On Your Device

What is Real-Debrid?

Real-Debrid gives you more reliable 1080p and 4K streams. We make It super simple! 

On average, Real-Debrid users can find new episodes of Walking Dead, Homeland, Billions, etc. in 1080p in about 30 minutes after they air. Plus the commercials have been taken out. 

On our devices, Real Debrid comes pre-installed ready for you to enter your code onto the Real Debrid website. That’s it! 

Real-Debrid gives you the highest quality available.  If you actually bought a movie somewhere else they compress it so much so it won’t buffer that you can’t get an uncompressed version to download also. With us, you get a choice. You can download an  uncompressed version or stream any of the other links.  It’s higher quality than satellite or cable because you can get it uncompressed from the Internet.  

Use it on all of your TV’s and multiple devices all for the same $2.83 a month as long as they are all yours. 

Sign Up with Real Debrid:

On any computer or tablet, go to, click "sign up" to set up you account with them. Verify your email by clicking on the link they email to you. Then pay them (see premium offers at the top) with any credit card, PayPal or Bitcoin. They’re prices are in euros but is automatically converted to dollars.  I recommend six months for the best price (about $17 for 180 days.  Equals $2.83 a month total for all of your devices). 

Then link your TV box (or stick) to Real Debrid.  Go to you box, then  open  CinemaHD,  click  menu (3 dashes in the upper left corner), then settings,  then Real Debrid. Copy or Photograph your code (on  line 3) to enter at your computer at this exact page:

Call us at 559-642-7381 if you want help.  

Now enjoy the easiestTV with the best content and  quality possible at the best price anywhere!